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Premium High Performance HDMI Cable - HDMI A to A - w/Ethernet, A/V, Gold Plated:
Model Name: HDMI-HR

Lengths Available:
  • 3 ft. (HDMI-HR-3) | 6 ft. (HDMI-HR-6) | 10 ft. (HDMI-HR-10)
    15 ft. (HDMI-HR-15)
  • 100% True digital to digital AV connection for the highest quality available.
  • Provides maximum bandwidth for true HDTV resolution up to l080p and beyond.
  • Improves clarity with superior-grade, 99.99%-purity, solid-copper conductors.
  • Maintains signal integrity and low loss using precision-formulated, polyethylene dielectric.
  • Creates precise contact and increased durability with corrosion-resistant, 24k gold connectors.
  • Provides superior isolation from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference with triple-layer shielding.
  • Reduces cross talk with impedance-matched, twisted-pair construction.
  • High-density triple-shielding for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI. Prevents wire damage with molded-strain relief.
  • Broadcast quality digital video, digital audio, and intercomponent control signals all in one compact, high-performance connection.
  • Supports uncompressed audio/video signals.