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Blue Vortex 12cm System Fans in Blue Color with Blue LED:
Model Name: PRO-BV12LED

  • Power:
    Rated Voltage: 12 VDC / 9 VDC
    Operating Voltage Range: 6~13.8 VDC
    Rated Current: 0.3 Max.Amp
    Rated Power: 3.6 Max.Watt
  • Connector: Terminal Connector(3-pin plus 4-pin molex)
  • Specifically designed to work with Prolimatech coolers for best performance to noise ratio.
  • Stable bearing for long life operation at minimal noise level.
  • Quality material used in fan blades for a solid structure design.
  • Quad Sapphire Blue LED.

Other Available Models:
  • PRO-BV14LED (14" fan)